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Youth Mappers London

Youth Mappers London is a local youth community which promotes open source software and OpenStreetMap especially in London and over all UK. Youth Mappers London is established by socially responsible group of engineers

ICT for Social Inclusion

The goal of the our youth exchange is to contribute social inclusion of people with disabilities through accessibility and raise awareness of accessibility for people who have disability at the national and international level

  • London Accessible Map- to create an London Accessibility Map which shows accessible locations such as hospitals, schools, public transport, sport centers and restaurants using open source software and to increase the social accessibility and mobility of the citizens with disabilities
  • London Mapillary- to raise awareness of open data culture among young people using open data applications
  • Disability Rights and Statictics - to increase awareness of disability rights between youth and local communities
  • Future Project Applications - to inform young people and the local community about the Erasmus+ projects and develop new project applications


Karolina Dyduch

Group Leader

Said Turksever

Geoinformatics Engineer

Tolga Kaymak

Financial Manager